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Anything goes?

Berliner Architekturen der 1980er Jahre
45,00 €
In 1987, Berlin as a whole became a laboratory for architecture. A wide range of notable buildings with a unique density was created in the East and the West in connection with the city’s 750th anniversary. While the buildings were vilified at the time, they now appear as important witnesses to a "postmodern" era of building, which called the traditional architecture of the modern living environment into question. Today, the buildings have disappeared, been modified, or are threatened with demolition. For the first time, the exhibition and publication examine the significance of the architectural visions developed in East and West Berlin in the final decade before the fall of the Berlin Wall.
Hinrich and Inken Baller, Christian Enzmann and Bernd Ettel, John Hejduk with M ...

Frank Stella

Alexej-von-Jawlensky-Preis 2022
48,00 €
Frank Stella (*1936, Malden, USA) situates his oeuvre not only in the present. Abstraction or representation, simulacrum, sign, and ornament, as well as questions of surface and space have fascinated him again and again anew.The publication presents the following phases in his oeuvre in the context of the Wiesbaden collection: the early works, the stripe paintings attributed to minimalism, the departure into space, thus from the picture to the relief, as well as the use of ornament and arabesque. In interplay with very current sculptures by the artist, not only the rigorousness of his oeuvre, but also the relevance of his work until today is thus shown.

Angela Hampel

Das künstlerische Werk
44,00 €
The catalogue Angela Hampel - The Artistic Work is being published on the occasion of the exhibition with the same title, which will be presented at the Städtische Galerie Dresden from May 25 to September 11, 2022. It contains more than 180 illustrations, as well as scholarly texts on Hampel’s artistic media: painting, graphics, installation, performance, artist books, and work in public space. A look back at her reception in the 1980s, a discussion of her current artistic work, and an extensively illustrated biography provide never before published insights into Angela Hampel’s life and oeuvre.
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