You Have Not Yet Heard Your Favourite Song () von Glenn McDonald

You Have Not Yet Heard Your Favourite Song
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How Streaming Changes Music
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Glenn McDonald
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Introduction 1PART 1: THE DISCONNECTED AGE1. Precious Jukeboxes. Music Consumption as a Shopping Experience 92. The Panic and the Crash. The Internet, Napster, iTunes, iPods and the Downloading Interregnum 13PART 2: HOW STREAMING WORKS3. Better Than Free. How Streaming Got People to Spend Money on Music Again 194. All the World's Music (sort of). How Music Gets Online 255. A Zillion Ambiguous Clicks. What Streaming Services Know About You 296. The Robots Have No Plan. What Algorithms Doand Don't Do 35PART 3: NEW FEARS7. The New Gatekeepers. Major Labels, Playlists, More Playlists, Algorithmic Playlists and the Playlists Your Friends Make 438. "Ed Sheeran Is Taking My Money". How Streaming Pays Artists 519. Mercenaries and Fan Armies. Cheating and Devotion vs Math, and the Casual War Against Hilariously Implausible Fraud 6710. Our Inertia Exposed. "Organic" Listening and Social Equity 7911. Chill Is the New Muzak. The Borders Between Background and Foreground Sounds 8712. Constant Engagement. The Death and Survival of The Album 9513. Undemanded Music in an On- Demand World. The Uncertain Fate of Jazz, Classical, Experimental and Other Quiet, Noble Arts 10714. Renting the Things You Love Most. Fluctuating Availability and the Impermanent Record of the Streaming Catalog 11715. The Best Bad Answers. How Algorithms Fail 127PART 4: NEW JOYS16. All the World's Listening (sort of). Streaming as a Global Collective- Wisdom Collector 14517. No Walls Without Doors. What Music Tells Us About Each Other and the World 15918. Cities In and Out of Hyperspace. Genres as Distributed Communities of Interest 17519. Borrowed Nostalgia. Other People's No-Longer-Secret Music 19120. Text as Texture. Hip Hop Literally Everywhere, and How to Listen to Rap You Can't Understand 19921. New Punks. Weird and/ or Scary Music that Sounds Normal to the Kids, or Vice Versa 20922. Every Noise at Once. Music as an Infinite Resource 223PART 5: NEW QUESTIONS23. What Is Art Worth? How Should the New Economy Work? 24324. What Is Your Love Worth? How Do You Listen Morally? 25125. Algorithmic Responsibility. How Do You Encode Conscience? 25926. What Now? We Have All the World's Music. What Do We Do Next? 269AFTERWORDSAcknowledgements 27510 Playlists of Somebody's Favorite Songs 277


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You Have Not Yet Heard Your Favourite Song von Glenn McDonald - mit der ISBN: 9781914487163

Data alchemist; Taylor Swift complaint about Spotify; The Echo Nest; decline of vinyl; digital music; end of albums; music genres; music streaming; spotify; streaming music data; streaming payments artists, Online-Buchhandlung


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