Feminism, Sexuality, and the Return of Religion

Feminism, Sexuality, and the Return of Religion
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Linda Martin Alcoff
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Indiana Series in the Philosop
Acknowledgments Introduction: Feminism, Sexuality and the Return of Religion / Linda Martin Alcoff and John D. Caputo 1. In Defense of Sacrifice: Gender, Selfhood and the Binding of Isaac / Sarah Coakley; 2. The Return of Religion during the Reign of Sexuality / Mark D. Jordan; 3. Returning God: the Gift of Feminist Theology / Catherine Keller; 4. Religion, Feminism and the Empire: Is Islam the Problem? / Saba Mahmood; 5. It's All About the Blues: The Black Female Body and Womanist God-Talk / Kelly Brown Douglas; 6. Nihilism, Sexuality, Postmodern Christianity / Gianni Vattimo; 7. Promised Belief / Helene Cixous; 8. Concluding Roundtable: Feminism, Sexuality and the Deconstruction of "Religion" Contributors; Index
In contemporary continental philosophy, feminist theory and reflections on sexuality and gender rarely make contact with religion. Conversely, philosophy of religion seldom interacts with discourses in feminism, sexuality, and gender. In Feminism, Sexuality, and the Return of Religion, seven internationally recognized scholars tackle complicated questions provoked by the often stormy intersection of these powerful forces. Breaking down barriers as they extend the richness of each philosophical tradition, the essays in this book cover themes such as queer sexuality and religion, feminism and the gift, feminism and religious reform, and religion and diversity. Contributors include Hélène Cixous, Sarah Coakley, Kelly Brown Douglas, Mark D. Jordan, Catherine Keller, Saba Mahmood, and Gianni Vattimo.
Linda Martin Alcoff is Professor of Philosophy at Hunter College and the City University of New York. She is author of Visible Identities: Race, Gender, and the Self and editor of many books, including Singing in the Fire: Tales of Women in Philosophy and Identity Politics Reconsidered.John D. Caputo is Thomas J. Watson Professor of Religion and Humanities at Syracuse University. He is author of The Weakness of God: A Theology of the Event (IUP, 2006) and editor (with Linda Martin Alcoff) of St. Paul among the Philosophers (IUP, 2009)."

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