Philanthropy in the World's Traditions

Philanthropy in the World's Traditions
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Warren F. Ilchman
Philanthropic and Nonprofit Studies
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Introduction. Warren Ilchman, Stanley Katz, and Edward L. Queen, II
Part One: Non-Literate/Aboriginal Traditions
1. Reciprocity and Assistance in Precolonial Africa
Steven Feierman
2. A Comparative Study in Native American Philanthropy
John A. Grim
Part Two: Historical/Textual Roots
3. Contextualizing Philanthropy in South Asia: A Textual Analysis of Sanskrit Sources
Leona Anderson
4. Generosity and Service in Theravada Buddhism
Ananda W.P. Guruge and G.D. Bond
5. The Mahayana Buddhist Foundation for Philanthropic Practice
Leslie S. Kawamura
Part Three: Philanthropy in Context
6. Philanthropy, the Law, and Public Policy in the Islamic World before the Modern Era
Said Arjomand
7. Reflections on Chinese Philanthropy Based on the Case of Famine Relief in Shan-yin County,
Shao-hsing, 1640-1642
Joanna F. Handlin Smith
8. A View of Philanthropy in Japan: Confucian Ethics and Education
Mary Evelyn Tucker
Part Four: Philanthropy and Social Change
9. The Origins of Modern Jewish Philanthropy
Derek J. Penslar
10. Mount Holyoke Missionaries and Non-Western Women: The Motivations and Consequences of Nineteenth Century American Missionary Philanthropy
Amanda Porterfield
11. Orthodox Christianity, the Nation-State, and Philanthropy: Focus on the Serbian Orthodox Church
Miroslav Ruzica
Part Five: New Shoots, Old Roots
12. Hindu Philanthropy and Civil Society
Mark Juergensmeyer and Darrin M. McMahon
13. Religious Authority, Reform, and Philanthropy in the Contemporary Muslim World
Gregory C. Kozlowski
14. From Repression to Revival: Philanthropy in Twentieth-Century Russia
Adele Lindenmeyr
15. State Power and the Philanthropic Impulse in China Today
Vivienne B. Shue
16. Civil Society and Philanthropy in Latin America: From Religious Charity to the Search for Citizenship Andrés A. Thompson and Leilah Landim

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