The Prayers and Tears of Jacques Derrida

The Prayers and Tears of Jacques Derrida
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Religion without Religion
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John D. Caputo
Philosophy of Religion
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Introduction: A Passion for the Impossible
A Map for the Perplexed

I. The Apophatic
1. God Is Not différance
2. Dreaming the Impossible Dream: Derrida and Levinas on the Impossible
3. Affirmation at the Limits: How Not to Speak
4. Save the Name: Wholly Other Towards a General Apophatics
Edifying Divertissement No. 1. Bedeviling Faith

II. The Apocalyptic
5. Viens!
6. Messianic Time: Derrida and Blanchot
7. An Apocalypse sans Apocalypse, To Jacques of El Biar
8. The Secret
Edifying Divertissement No. 2. From Elea to Elohim: God of the Same, God of the Other

III. The messianic
9. Of Marx and the Messiah
10. Messianic Passion and the Religion of Saint Jacques
11. Religion Within the Limits of Reason Alone (Almost)

IV. The Gift
12. The Time of Giving and Forgiving
Edifying Divertissement No. 3. Traditions and the World-Play
13. Abraham's Gift
14. Abraham and the Pharisees
Edifying Divertissement No. 4. Deconstruction and the Kingdom of God

V. Circumcision
15. Hegel and the Jews
Edifying Divertissement No. 5. Deferring Incarnation—and Jesus the Jew
16. Circumcision
17. Is Deconstruction Really a Jewish science?

VI. Confession
18. The Son of These Tears: The Confession of Jacques de la Rue-Augustin
Edifying Divertissement No. 6. A Prayer
19. These Weeping Eyes, Those Seeing Tears: The Faith of Jacques Derrida

Conclusion: A Passion for God
Bibliography on Derrida and Religion

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