Music, Education, and Religion

Music, Education, and Religion
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Intersections and Entanglements
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Alexis Anja Kallio
Counterpoints: Music and Education
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Music, Education, and Religion: Intersections and Entanglements explores the critical role that religion can play in formal and informal music education.


Introduction / Alexis Anja Kallio, Heidi Westerlund, and Philip Alperson

Part I: Tensions and Negotiations

1. On the Role of Religion in Music Education / Estelle Jorgensen

2. Selective Affinities: Concordance and Discordance at the Intersection of Musical, Educational, and Religious Practices / Philip Alperson

3. The Performativity of Performance: Agency at the Intersection of Music and Religion in School / Heidi Westerlund, Alexis Anja Kallio and Heidi Partti

Part II: Identity and Community

4. Shaping Identities in and through Religious Music Engagement: A Case Study of an Australian Catholic Girls' School / Janelle Colville Fletcher and Margaret S. Barrett

5. Religion and the Transmission of Thai Musical Heritage, in Thailand and the United States of America / Pamela Moro

6. The Believing-Belonging Paradigm: Music, Education, and Religion in Contemporary Serbia / Ivana Percoviç and Biljana Mandiç

7. Religious Repertoire in General Music Education: Spiritual Indoctrination or Cultural Dialogue? / Lauri Väkevä

Part III: Navigating New Worlds

8. Mysterium Tremendum et Fascinans: Spiritual and Existential Experience and Music Education / Øivind Varkøy

9. The Sacred Sphere: Its Equipment, Beauty, Functions, and Transformations under Secular Conditions / Maria B. Spychiger

10. Music Education as Sacred Practice: A Philosophical Exploration / Frank Heuser

11. Advocatus Diaboli: Revisiting the Devil's Role in Music and Music Education / Alexandra Kertz-Welzel

Part IV: Emancipation, Regulation, and the Social Order

12. The Humanist Defense of Music Education in Civil and Religious Life: The Praise of Musicke (1586) and Apologia Musices (1588) / Hyun-Ah Kim

13. The Curious Case of "Good Morning Iran": Music and Broadcast Regulation in the Islamic Republic / Erum Naqvi

14. When Hell Freezes Over—Black Metal: Emancipatory Cosmopolitanism and/or Egoistic Protectionism? / Ketil Thorgersen and Thomas von Wachenfeldt

Part V: Agency and Social Change

15. Radical Musical Inclusion in Higher Education: The Creation of Foundation Music at the University of Winchester / June Boyce-Tillman

16. Religious Identities Intersecting Higher Music Education: An Israeli Teacher Educator as a Boundary Worker in an All-Female Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Context / Laura Miettinen

17. Religion and Music in an Education for Social Change / Iris M. Yob

18. Dancing on the Limits: An Interreligious Dialogue Exploring the Lived Experience of Two Religiously Observant Music Educators in Israel / Belal Badarne and Amira Ehrlich

Music, Education, and Religion: An Invitation / Alexis Anja Kallio


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