Documentary Across Platforms

Documentary Across Platforms
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Reverse Engineering Media, Place, and Politics
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Patricia R. Zimmermann
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1. This book is a collection of compellingly and accessibly written essays that are foundational to the field of documentary studies. They appeal to a broad audience.

2. They are the collected papers of noted non-fiction film and documentary scholar Patricia R. Zimmermann, many of which haven't been widely available before. Zimmermann also provides an introduction that explores the field of documentary studies and provides context through headnotes historicizing each chapter.

3. Also included is an excellent foreword by film scholar, Gina Marchetti that further contextualizes the importance of Zimmermann's life work.


Foreword / Gina Marchetti

Introduction: Documentary Across Platforms

Part I: Platforms

1. Reverse Engineering: Taking Things Apart for the New Global Media Ecology

2. Ardent Spaces, Formidable Environments

3. Precious Places, Scribe Video Center, Philadelphia

4. The Hand That Holds Up All This Falling: The Works of Daniel Reeves

5. Cartographies of Impossible and Possible Worlds: The Photography of Michael Kienitz

6. Black Soil: Chernozem and Tusit in Ukraine

Part II: Reversals

7. Matrices of War

8. Blasting War

9. Digital Deployments

10. Public Domains: Engaging Iraq through Experimental Digitalities

11. Cambodian Digital Imaginary Archive: Genocide, Lara Croft, and Crafts

Part III: Histories

12. The Home Movie Archive Live

13. Throbs and Pulsations: Les LeVeque and the Digitizing of Desire

14. Just Say No: Negativland's No Business

15. Remixed and Revisited Black Cinema: Oscar Micheaux's Within Our Gates Live Project

16. Live!: Reconnecting the Histories of Live Multimedia Performance

17. Toward a Theory of Participatory New Media Documentary

Part IV: Speculative Engineering

18. Home Movie Axioms

19. Speculations on Environmental Sensualities and Eco-Documentaries

20. Speculations on Reverse Engineering: Algorithms for Recombinant Documentaries Across Platforms




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