Reciprocal Ethnography and the Power of Women's Narratives

Reciprocal Ethnography and the Power of Women's Narratives
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Elaine J. Lawless
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  1. Elaine Lawless coined the term "reciprocal ethnography." It's a way of doing ethnography where the researcher shares their observations with the individuals and communities they are observing and then includes the resulting dialog in their results. Its aim is to produce more ethical work by giving voice to the communities and people involved.
  2. This book focuses in particular on the importance of women's narratives and is an important resource for women's studies departments and feminist scholars in the era of the #metoo and #timesup movements. Lawless' work on reciprocal ethnography and women's studies are considered to be her major contributions to the field of folklore.
  3. The book includes a foreword by Folklorist, Amy Shuman, which places Elaine's work into context, both historical and its relevance to the field.


Foreword / Amy Shuman


Introduction: Learning to Listen, Hear, and Include Women's Voices: The Genesis of Reciprocal Ethnography

1. Shouting for the Lord: The Power of Women's Speech in the Pentecostal Religious Service

2. Rescripting Their Lives and Narratives: Spiritual Life Stories of Pentecostal Women Preachers

3. Access to the Pulpit: Reproductive Images and Maternal Strategies of the Pentecostal Female Pastor

4. "I was afraid someone like you . . . an outsider . . . would misunderstand": Negotiating Interpretive Differences Between Ethnographers and Subjects

5. Women's Life Stories and Reciprocal Ethnography as Feminist and Emergent

6. Writing the Body in the Pulpit: Female-sexed Texts

7. Woman as Abject: Resisting Cultural and Religious Myths that Condone Violence Against Women

Appendix: Selected Publications by Elaine J. Lawless


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