Applying the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning beyond the Individual Classroom

Applying the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning beyond the Individual Classroom
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Jennifer C. Friberg
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
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  1. This book offers a broader idea of the field of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, suggesting how insights from this field can be applied beyond the classroom. The book should prove useful for individuals at other levels of educational decision-making.
  2. The book includes contributors from a wide range of institutions and disciplines.
  3. The two editors are leading academics in their field.



Introduction to Applying SoTL beyond the Individual Classroom: Overview, Framework, and Two Examples / Kathleen McKinney, Jennifer Friberg, and Maria Moore

Part I: Conducting and Applying SoTL with a Focus on Student Learning, Outcomes, Programs

1. Reflexivity in the Field: Applying Lessons Learned from a Collaborative Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Study Exploring the Use of Reflexive Photography in Field Education / Brent Oliver, Darlene Chalmers, and Mary Goitom

2. Making a Graduate English Course an Organic and Integrated Learning Process / Radhika Jaidev and Tan Su Hwi

3. User Perspectives on Simulation in Educational Practice / Andrew Creed and Ambika Zutshi

4. A Bigger Bang for your Book: SoTL, High Impact Practice, and Common Reading Programs / April Tallant and Glenda Hensley

5. The Collaborative for Understanding the Pedagogy of Infant/toddler Development: A Cross-University, Interdisciplinary Effort to Transform a Field through SoTL / Claire Vallotton, Gina A. Cook, Rachel Chazan-Cohen, Kalli B. Decker, Nicole Gardner-Neblett, Christine Lippard, and Tamesha Harewood

Part II: Conducting and Applying SoTL with a Focus on Faculty/Instructor Learning, Development

6. Catalyzing the Exchange and Application of SoTL Beyond the Classroom: An Analysis of Two Types of Community Spaces / John Draeger and Lauren Scharff

7. Multi-Institutional SoTL: A Case Study of Practices and Outcomes / Peter Felten, Jessie L. Moore, and Tim Peeples

8. "Feedback First Year"- A Critical Review of the Strengths and Shortcomings of a Collective Pedagogical Project / Dominique Verpoorten, Laurent Leduc, Audrey Mohr, Eléonore Marichal, Dominique Duchâteau, and Pascal Detroz

9. The Scholarship of Teaching, Learning, and Student Success: Big Data and the Landscape of New Opportunities / George Rehrey, Dennis Groth, Carol Hostetter, and Linda Shepard

Conclusion: Circles of Inquiry and Impact: Expanding the Teaching Commons / Pat Hutchings


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