Medieval Jewish Philosophy and Its Literary Forms

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Aaron Hughes
New Jewish Philosophy and Thought
The contributors to this collected work consider Jewish philosophy in the medieval period, when new genres and forms of written expression were flourishing in the wake of renewed interest in ancient philosophy. They explore the connections that medieval Jewish thinkers made between the literary, the exegetical, the philosophical, and the mystical to shed light on the creativity and diversity of medieval thought.

Introduction / Aaron W. Hughes and James T. Robinson

1. Animal Fables and Medieval Jewish Philosophy / Kalman P. Bland, z’l

2. Biblical Commentaries as a Genre of Jewish Philosophical Writing / Raphael Dascalu

3. Commentaries on The Guide of the Perplexed: A Brief Literary History / Igor H. de Souza

4. Philosophical Commentary and Supercommentary: The Hebrew Aristotelean Commentaries of the Fourteenth through Sixteenth Centuries / Yehuda Halper

5. The Author’s Haqdamah as a Literary Form in Jewish Thought / Steven Harvey

6. Does Judaism Make Sense? Early Medieval Kal?m as Literature / Gyongyi Hegedus

7. Dialogues / Aaron W. Hughes

8. Poetry / Aaron W. Hughes

9. Poetic Summaries of Scientific and Philosophical Works / Maud Kozodoy

10. The Philosophical Epistle as a Genre of Medieval Jewish Philosophy / Charles Manekin

11. The Sermon in Late Medieval Jewish Thought as Method for Popularizing Philosophy / Chaim Meir Neria

12. Lexicons and Lexicography in Medieval Jewish Philosophy / James T. Robinson

13. Theological Summas in Late Medieval Jewish Philosophy / Shira Weiss


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