Spoiling and Coping with Spoilers

Spoiling and Coping with Spoilers
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Israeli-Arab Negotiations
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Galia Golan
Middle East Studies
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1. This book is an unusual and provocative consideration of negotiations and peace processes—one of the most important issues facing the world today. It offers insights and take-aways for future negotiations in the Middle East and beyond. As an edited collection, the form of the book encourages dialogue between a wide range of fields and experiences.

2. Galia Golan is a distinguished senior scholar with more than a dozen books to her credit and an extensive history of involvement in peace organizations, particularly those involving women. She was voted 2015 "Woman Peacemaker" by the Joan Kroc Insititute for Peace and Justice and was awarded the Distinguished Scholar Award from the International Studies Association for her work in peace research.

3. Gilead Sher is former Chief of Staff and Policy Coordinator to Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Ehud Barak (2000-2001). He was a senior negotiator at the 2000 Camp David summit and the 2001 Taba talks. He leads the Center for Applied Negotiations at the Tel Aviv Institute for National Security Studies. He has published in peace negotiations and has been guest lecturer at Harvard Law School (2016), Wharton School of Business (2001-2011), and Tel Aviv University (2007-2013).



Introduction: Theoretical and Historical Contexts / Galia Golan

1. Spoiling International Peace Negotiations from Within the Room / Gilead Sher and Deborah Shulman

2. The Leadership as a Spoiler / Roee Kibrik and Maya Kornberg

3. Israel's Domestic Legal Struggle Against the Settlements: Spoiler-advancing, Spoiler-hindering, or Spoiler-Exposing? / Shlomy Zachary

4. The American Jewish Diaspora as a Spoiler / Ofira Seliktar

5. Visual Spoilers? Peace and Conflict in Israeli Political Cartoons / Tamir Shaeffer, Ilan Danjoux, Shira Dabir-Gvirshman, and Shaul Shenhav

6. The Psychological Effects of Forced Evacuation: The Case of Jewish Settlers in the West Bank / Sivan Hirsch-Hoefler, Tamar Saguy, and Gilad Hirschberger

7. Coping with Spoilers: A Comparative Analysis / Galia Golan


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