Music in the American Diasporic Wedding

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Inna Naroditskaya
Music in the American Diasporic Wedding explores the complex cultural adaptations, preservations, and fusions that occur in weddings between couples and families of diverse origins.

Foreword: What a Wedding Song Tells Me about Music and Performance in the Negotiation of Global Everyday Life / Alejandro L. Madrid

Introduction: Music and Joy in Diasporic Weddings / Inna Naroditskaya

1. Theoretical Perspectives on Weddings, Locally and Beyond / A. J. Racy

2. Negotiating Gender, Community, and Ethnicity: Balkan Romani Transnational Weddings / Carol Silverman

3. Dissonant Love: Music in Latino/a Diasporic Weddings / Lorena Alvarado and Frances R. Aparicio

4. Tambura Music, Flags, and the Deterritorialization of Rituals at Croatian-American Weddings / Ian MacMillen

5. Like An Erhu Player on the Roof: Music and Multilayered Diasporic Negotiation at a Taiwanese and Jewish American Wedding / Meredith Schweig

6. Song, Sevdah, and Ceremony: An Autoethnographic Exploration of Music and Community Cohesion in Bosnian-American Weddings / Tanya Merchant

7. Soulful Same-Sex Wedding, Aretha Franklin, Love and the Politics of (Un)freedom / Nina C. Öhman

8. Trying to Get the Gig: "Ethnic" Weddings from the Musician’s Perspective / Michael Allemana

9. Jewish Wedding Music in the Neo-Klezmer Era / Hankus Netsky

10. Sound Unions: The Work of Music Specialists in Chicago’s South Asian Wedding Scene / Kaley Mason and Ameera Nimjee

11. Mountain Weddings in Chicago / Tim Cooley


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