Music in the American Diasporic Wedding

Music in the American Diasporic Wedding
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Inna Naroditskaya
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1. This book offers a new and innovative look at weddings, music, and identity within different American diasporic communities.

2. It includes perspectives from a variety of disciplines and lay performers and the authors of the volume use a variety of research methods including ethonography and auto-ethnography.

3. The collection is edited by a well-respected returning IUP author and contains work by senior and up-and-coming scholars.


Part I.
1. Kay Shelemay, "From Generation to Generation: Musical Traditions and Political Negotiations in Weddings of the African Horn and Its Diaspora"
2. Kaley Mason, "Music Specialists, Wedding work, and the Politics of Intimate Recognition in Chicago's South Asian Communities"
3. Carol Silverman, "Negotiating Gender, Community, and Ethnicity: Balkan Romani Transnational Weddings"

Part II.
4. Meredith Schweig, "Sounding the Harmonious Union: Musical Notes on a Taiwanese and Jewish American Wedding"
5. Natalie Zelensky, "Of Brides and Balalaikas: Playing 'Diaspora' in the Russian-American Wedding"
6. Adriana Helbig, "Singing Out: Gay Weddings in Diaspora"

Part III.
7. Shayna Silverstein, "(Re)Mixed Bridal Beats: Arab Dabke, Islamic Hiphop and the Politics of Difference in Arab-American Chicago"
8. Andrew Eisenberg, "Wedding Soundtracks and Diasporic Consciousness among Kenyans in the U.S."
9. Inna Naroditskaya, "Big Fat Diasporic Weddings: Music, Cinema, TV"

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