Jewish Religious Music in Nineteenth-Century America

Jewish Religious Music in Nineteenth-Century America
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Restoring the Synagogue Soundtrack
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Judah M. Cohen
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1. This book explores an under-researched era of American Jewish history through the lens of the music used in religious contexts from the 1840s to the early 1900s. Author Judah M. Cohen argues for a uniquely American experience in Jewish music and for the previously overlooked role of central European traditions in American Jewish music.

2. The project has a companion interactive website that is being created in partnership with IU Libraries. The website will host primary source materials including nineteenth century American synagogue music works and new original recordings of these scores. An interactive map will highlight the movement of Jewish musical figures from one American congregation/city to another between 1840 and 1908.

3. Cohen is an established scholar of Jewish music based at Indiana University and a returning author to Indiana University Press.



Accessing Supplemental Materials


1. Early Strata: Of Choirs and Reform through the Mid-Nineteenth Century

2. The Sound of German Jewry: Hymnals and Singing Societies in Wilhelm Fischer's Zemirot Yisrael

3. Bildungsmusik: G. M. Cohen, B'nai B'rith, and the Voices of American Jewish Cultivation

4. Musical Populists: G. S. Ensel, Simon Hecht, and the Quest for the Singing Congregation

5. The 1866 Sulzerfeier: the Viennese Model and the Grandeur of the Urban Worship

6. A New Cantor, A New Repertoire: Zimrath Yah

7. The Path to The Union Hymnal

Conclusion: Restoring the Soundtrack of Jewish Life in Nineteenth Century America

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