New Critical Spaces in Transitional Justice

New Critical Spaces in Transitional Justice
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Gender, Art, and Memory
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Arnaud Kurze
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1. Transitional justice is a field that is still being defined and has broad interdisciplinary implications. As such, this collection aims to serve as a fundamental text in the field.

2. This book breaks new ground on timely, diverse topics, including case studies drawn from the Arab Spring, and exploration of justice options in Syria, and chapters on gender and transitional justice.

3. Kurze is a well-regarded early career academic whose, in addition to several teaching roles, coordinates an online journal on human rights, justice, and democracy. Lamont is an early career academic whose background includes serving as a postdoctoral fellow at the Transitional Justice Institute at the University of Ulster and as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Zagreb in Croatia.




Reconceptualizing Transitional Justice: Exploring the Nexus between Agency and Spatiality / Arnaud Kurze and Christopher K. Lamont

Part I:
Art, Activism and Politics: Redefining Space in Transitional Justice

1. Borrowing Achilles' Armor: The Political Afterlife of Former Transitional Justice Mechanisms / Marcos Zunino

2. The Site and Sights of Transitional Justice: Art at the Constitutional Court in Johannesburg /

Eliza Garnsey

3. Youth Activism, Art and Transitional Justice: Emerging Spaces of Memory After the Jasmine Revolution / Arnaud Kurze

Part II:
Civil Society, Gender and Transitions: Emerging Spaces and Victimhood

4. Gendered Post­Conflict Justice: Male Survivors of Sexual Violence in Northern Uganda / Philipp Schulz

5. Claiming Space: Advocacy for Gender Justice in Cambodia / Katharina Behmer

6. The Question of Gender Inclusiveness of Bottom­Up Strategies in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Caterina Bonora

Part III: Spatiality, Temporality and the State

7. Libya in Transition: Spaces for Justice After Qadhafi / Christopher K. Lamont

8. Navigating the Narrow Spaces for Transitional Justice in Iraq / Mieczysław P. Boduszyński

9. Accountability in Syria: What are the Options? / Iva Vukusic

10. Dignity for the Defeated: Recognizing the "Other" in Post­Yugoslav Commemorative Practices / Vjeran Pavlaković

Conclusion: Practicing Critical Transitional Justice and the Road Ahead / Arnaud Kurze and Christopher K. Lamont



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