Social Housing in the Middle East

Architecture, Urban Development, and Transnational Modernity
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Kıvanç Kılınç
Social Housing in the Middle East traces the history of social housing in the region and considers how culture, faith, and politics influence the housing solutions offered.

1. Marginalized Histories of Global Modernity: Social Housing in the Middle East / K?vanç K?l?nç, Mohammad Gharipour

Part I: Settings of Social Housing: Politics, Agency, and Social Reform

2. Legitimizing the Jordanian State through Social Housing / Eliana Abu-Hamdi

3. Workers’ and Popular Housing in Mid-Twentieth-Century Egypt / Mohamed Elshahed

4. Neoliberal Islamism and the Cultural Politics of Housing in Turkey / Bülent Batuman

Part II: Histories of Social Housing: Identity, Nation, and Beyond

5. Constructing Dignity: Primitivist Discourses and the Spatial Economies of Development in Postcolonial Tunisia / Nancy Demerdash

6. Nation-Building in Israel: Negotiations over Housing as Grounds for the State-Citizen Contract, 1948–1953 / Yael Allweil

7. Social Housing in Colonial Cyprus: Contestations on Urbanity and Domesticity / Michalis Sioulas and Panayiota Pyla

8. Constructed Marginality: Women, Public Housing, and National Identity in Kuwait / Mae Al-Ansari

Part III: Design and Construction: Transnational Systems and Localized Practices

9. Rabbis, Architects, and the Design of Ultra-Orthodox City-Settlements / Noam Shoked

10. Notions of Class and Culture in Housing Projects in Tehran, 1945–1960 / Jaleh Jalili and Farshid Emami

11. Discrepant Spatial Practices: Contemporary Social Housing Projects in ?zmir / Gülsüm Baydar, K?vanç K?l?nç, and Ahenk Y?lmaz


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